Waterpark Online Ticket Sales - 0 to 6 Figures in 4 Months

We have opted to show you the real revenue numbers inside the actual ad manager account, and for that reason the client has asked us to not reveal their name for privacy reasons.


The client came to Adspring looking for assistance on selling day pass and season pass tickets on Facebook, while keeping advertising congruent with brand identity. Adspring built out a custom sales strategy, as well as creating the messaging, images, and videos for the campaign.

The Details:

  • The client has owned and operated a waterpark for 40+ years
  • Has only used traditional marketing during that period (Radio, newspaper, and television)
  • Internal marketing team was unfamiliar with Facebook advertising and incapable of generating online sales

The results:

3.7x Return on investment

– 1384 purchases
– $132,040 revenue
– $35,338 spent
– 5,717,293 impressions (Total number of times our ads were viewed)

How we did it:

  • Utilized a two step funnel as the foundation for this strategy
  • Targeted ads top of funnel to anyone in the local audience within a 15 mile radius of the waterpark
  • Retargeted anyone who visited the website sales page and didn’t buy in 3 different ways:
  1. Social proof with testimonials
  2. Discounted tickets for buying online in advance
  3. Special one time event offers